Christmas st the Chapel in the Hills

Christmas at CHapel in the HillsChristmas at the Chapel 

White feathered wings stir silently, like thistles floating on the summer air. Delicate, slipper-clad feet move effortlessly along the center aisle toward Mary and Joseph, the Christ Child, the wise men, a donkey, some sheep and a silver star that wobbles along a hand drawn pulley and slowly comes to rest over the manger scene. A tinkling chime sounds in the distance. There is the pure fragrance of beeswax from a sea of burning candles. Someone is telling the story of what happened the night Jesus Christ was born; and there is the sound of children's voices singing "Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia," a balm unlike any other. It is Christmas, come again.


The Live Nativity Scene

The Chapel Live Nativity Scene is an annual outdoor reenactment of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is thought of by Chapel members as a gift to the Wimberley community. Great care is taken and much time spent on creating the many costumes required for such a production, setting the scene, acquiring real animals, actors, and the many behind-the-scenes helpers that are needed. The Nativity Scene is scheduled on two nights during the last weeks of December. Guests are encouraged to step out of their cars and view the scene in a more personal way, although some prefer to simply drive through the outer loop driveway that is lit by luminaria. For those who choose to view the scene up close and personal, an invitation is extended to come inside, warm up and enjoy refreshments of hot chocolate and home made cookies served in the church kitchen. There are several decorated and lit Christmas trees and a beautiful indoor manger scene to enjoy along the way to the kitchen. The dates of the reenactment are posted each year in the local newspaper and on the Chapel web page.

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"The balm we so desperately seek lies not in the stars,
but rather it rests upon a solitary star
which comes to us this time every year for the sole purpose
of whispering in the midst of our confusion
and its attendant anguish
a resounding and indisputable '
YES!' to our lives."
Bob Lively